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Cross-border sales first quarter operating overview released, women's shoes and solar lights are hot on AliExpress semi-managed platform.
"Half outsourcing" has become a new trend in cross-border e-commerce, with 20,000 more merchants on AliExpress within a month. Which merchants are making money with half outsourcing? The latest half outsourcing trend released by AliExpress provides the answer. The hot-selling list of AliExpress half outsourcing shows that the fastest-growing categories in the past month are: women's shoes, solar lights, action figures, t-shirts, swimwear, home storage, eyewear accessories, festive supplies, beauty tools, and smartwatches. From a national market perspective, half outsourcing has seen significant growth in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and Italy. The essence of AliExpress half outsourcing is to help POP (self-operated merchants) upgrade logistics services at a low cost while retaining the merchants' flexible operational space. According to the investment promotion materials, AliExpress half outsourcing is currently more suitable for products with high logistics costs, such as rings, earrings, false eyelashes, and toy ornaments. These types of products have low prices and relatively light weights, but under the previous shipping model, logistics costs accounted for more than half, leaving little profit margin. With half outsourcing, AliExpress platform handles unified shipping, significantly reducing the logistics costs allocated to each item. In summary, merchants specializing in light and small items, with the ability to independently develop and promote products, are very suitable for joining half outsourcing. Leveraging half outsourcing, a merchant from Anhui specializing in men's t-shirts, Deng Qi, achieved a daily sales volume of over 9,000 units during AliExpress's 328 promotion this year, which continued to rise after the promotion ended. Meanwhile, Li Haibo, a post-00s generation who delved into the trend toy market after graduating and struck gold in Yiwu, saw his sales double within just one month of joining AliExpress half outsourcing, with over 10,000 daily visitors. Gary, who specializes in maternity and baby clothing, mentioned that many of his peers who sell on Amazon are very optimistic about AliExpress half outsourcing and are planning to expand their presence. There are also many competitive peers with products that were previously unable to be sold locally due to lack of collection. With AliExpress expanding the half outsourcing JIT collection area, they will soon join as well. Last week, AliExpress opened three warehouses in Chengdu, Qingdao, and Tianjin within a week, bringing stock warehouses closer to inland merchants. It is reported that AliExpress will continue to improve the shipping operation system and process for half outsourcing merchants, increase investment in outdoor sports, DIY tools, home decor and gardening, and pet supplies, and continue to increase investment in overseas markets to help merchants capture the peak traffic during events such as the European Cup and the Olympics.