SellingPilot Browser Extension - Your AI E-commerce Assistant

Extension Introduction
AI Listing
Optimize product titles, descriptions, and key selling points based on usage scenarios, positive reviews, and AI-powered trending search keywords.
AI Customer Service
Prioritize emails, analyze customer emotions, identify channels, and generate AI-crafted responses to significantly enhance your email processing efficiency.
AI Analysis for Customer Review
Provide highly valuable competitive AI analysis reports, including consumer profiles, purchasing motivations, customer expectations, and more.
TikTok Creator Assistant
Batch message and manage creators efficiently; send customized promotional pictures in bulk.
Product Import
Quickly collect product information from Amazon (including prices, images, descriptions, etc.), supporting bulk collection by category or store.
Install the Extension
Chrome Users
Please click the button below to install the extension.
Edge Users
Please copy the installation link and open it in Edge to complete the installation.