Got too many platforms, stores, and listings to handle. How do you manage them all effectively?
Easy Multi-Channel Management
Docking with Amazon, TikTok and other mainstream e-commerce platforms.
Managing orders and stores easily.
How do you effectively explore the blue ocean market? How do you accurately locate the consumer needs in the target market?
Big Data-Powered Intelligent Product Selection
Synchronization of hot products data from Amazon, TikTok, etc.
Real-time monitoring of the latest news for competing products.
Detailed AI analysis for products reviews, consumer profiles, purchase motives and customer expectations, etc.
Bloomberg reports TikTok Shop has achieved the six-year GMV goal of its competitors in just one year - 2023. How can you ride the TikTok traffic wave and achieve substantial business growth?
TikTok Data Analysis
Real-time synchronization of hot-selling products, together with accurate consumer analysis.
Rapid connection with Influencers, for collaboration & cash flow increase.
LIVE/Video data analysis, providing you insights into the target market.
How do you find the right influencer who perfectly matches your product and brand? How do you discover a high-value one to achieve rapid performance growth?
Creator Marketing
Connect with influncers for collaboration rapidly and conveniently.
Broaden your sales channels with it!
Struggling with categorizing and prioritizing a large volume of customer service emails? Wondering how to read emails more efficiently? Looking for ways to reply accurately and swiftly in different languages?
AI Customer Service
Boost your customer service efficiency with our all-in-one AI-Powered email reply tool.
Unified management, efficient reading, and auto-reply generation, our multi-channel AI tool does it all.
In the fiercely competitive cross-border e-commerce market, how can you overcome issues like low product traffic, low conversion rates, and unattractive product images?
AI Listing
Quickly generate product descriptions, optimize keywords to improve operational efficiency.
Easily respond to diverse market and language requirements.
Quickly meet different marketing creation requirements.
In the era of globalization, pricing strategies have become increasingly complex. How do you strike a balance between profitability and market competitiveness?
Price Tracker
Real-time competitive pricing data to optimize pricing strategies.
Product features comparison and optimizations for comprehensive market insights.